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New York City Best Kept Secret - The Cloisters Museum

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Orange Bowl Memories A friend just sent me this photo of a bunch of us from the 1983 Orange Bowl... Can a photo can come back to haunt you?...I guess we should ask Mooning Murph. Although there was always pressure to win bowl games, we always managed to have some fun.
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What's Wrong With This Picture? After the big win against Michigan in the Alamo Bowl, it looks like Nebraska might be making it's way back to upper echelon of college football. What a great game for the Huskers and the fans. I have a petty gripe that has nothing to do with play calling, players ability, etc. Will someone at the University please get rid of these awful goofy two-tone mouthpieces? I first noticed these things in the Eric Crouch era and I hated them then. Everytime I see these awful things it looks like a Nebraska is fielding a team of hillbillies with half their teeth missing. Why don't we just put a big red clown nose on our quarterback. Most people will think this is not important...but you want your team leaders to look like leaders and not a goofy cartoon character. But I guess being two-toned did make it easier to find when Zac Taylor was hit so hard that his mouthpiece went flying out of his mouth. All I can say is that kid is tough! STAY TUNED FOR MORE RIVETING COMMENTARY...LOL! GO BIG RED!
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New York City Transit Strike

3.5 million New Yorkers Stranded by Transport Strike


This Message from The MTA Web Site

Current as of 12/20/2005 09:42 AM

As of 3 a.m. on Tuesday, December 20, 2005, the Transport Workers Union (TWU) called an illegal strike on MTA NYCT buses & subways throughout all five boroughs as well as on most MTA Bus Company routes (click on MTA Bus Company below for routes that are running). This is in addition to a strike action called at 12:01 Monday, December 19, 2005 by the TWU against two private bus lines in Queens: Triboro Coach & Jamaica Buses.

As a result of this illegal action against the MTA, travel options for MTA subway and bus customers will be limited as noted in the links below.

However, customers are reminded that it will take 24 hours from the outset of the strike action for MTA commuter railroad contingency services as outlined on this site to be in place. That will be in time for the Wednesday morning rush. (This amount of time is needed to reposition and reconfigure train equipment to provide special service as noted on the links below.)

Check this site regularly for the most up-to-date information about the implementation of these plans, check, or keep abreast through TV, radio, and newspaper updates.


From the Transport Workers Union  (TWU) Website

New York Supreme Court Enjoins TWU
New York State Supreme Court Justice Theodore T. Jones has issued two preliminary injunctions against the International Union and Local 100 to prevent the union from "conducting, engaging or participating in, through any manner of any means a strike, work stoppage, sick-out, slowdown, or any other concerted activity with the intent of interrupting the normal and regular operations of the New Your City Transit Authority and the Manhattan and Bronx Surface Operating Authority." View complete MTA Bus Company Injunction (PDF), or complete New York City Transit Authority and Manhattan and Bronx Suface Transit Operating Authority Injunction (PDF).


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Awoke this morning and checked email and was shocked to see what had occurred in London.  My prayers to our friends in the UK.  Terrorism has only caused misery for all the parties involved in this conflict.   As someone who worked on the 101st floor of the World Trade Center, lost many friends and only survived because I was out of town, I have to admit my mind went back to the hell of September 11th again.  When will these idiots learn that these cowardly acts lead only to contempt and more death and destruction for the very same people they say they represent.  In the meantime everything the cowards thought they could disrupt goes on: the G-8 conference continues, Tony Blair's leadership and the UK/US bond will most likely get only stronger. 
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Chicken Little My attempt to podcast at the bars last night was feeble...I guess I'm not ready to bring out the gear and use it openly. My good friends just laughed when I asked them and asked if I had lost my mind. So I put it all away and saved what ever dignity I had left..LOL Their reaction to my podcasting was reminiscent to the dog in the old RCA Victor logo...their heads were cocked to the side and they looked bewildered. I am sure when I left they had a good laugh. Has Ole Dave lost his mind? These guys never heard of podcasting and didn't share my enthusiasm for it. But they could recite the slogan on the front of a Budweiser bottle without looking at the bottle. Which is a good accomplishment LOL We went to Barry O's and tipped a few back and then went out to eat at Old Chicago Pizza. I had a great time...but until I find a way to do this without looking like a dork...I will be podcasting in the sanctuary of my home/hotel room.
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Cinco de Mayo History of Cinco de Mayo
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