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Equipment managers in football when dealing with 18-21 year old kids have to be the "no men" There is nothing more enticing to young man than FREE stuff...t-shirts, shoes, and socks. You see, our job as players was to get as much glom as we could and Glen's job was to say no. Glen Abbott just "got it" he knew how to handle a player without shouting or making the kid feel bad. He knew that most of the guys he was dealing didn't have "a pot to piss in" and somehow when you least expected it you would find an extra shirt or socks in your locker.
I remember in a game against the Iowa Hawkeyes at home I blocked back on Big D-tackle Mark Bortz. We hit each other so hard my facemask just snapped off my helmet. It was early in the game and as I made my way off the field with my facemask in my hand...the coaches were yelling for Glen to fix the mask. Glen without saying a word took my helmet and went to another guy on the team asked for his helmet and gave it to me. I didn't know we had two guys on the team with buckets heads. I missed just one play and was good to go. It was like a NASCAR tire change, Glen had that portable electric drill buzzing, zip, zip zip zip and the helmet was done. He knew his stuff.
When my playing days were over at the Big Red, I got to know Glen Abbott better. We shared a few stories over a few beers and I liked this guy even more. When I became involved with raising money for cystic fibrosis Glen was always there for me, getting a jersey or football signed for me by Nebraska's current star.
Glen Abbott died on April 8th, at the age of 62. Goodbye to a good friend and a Nebraska Football Quiet Giant.
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Costa Rica Classic- March 17-19, 2006

Website: Costa Rica Classic

To view Costa Rica Classic Video -Open Feed in Browser.

On March 18th-20th te Boomer Esiason Foundation held the Third Annual Costa Rica Classic in Quepos, CR.  Man, If you like to fish...then this is the tournament for you. 262 Sailfish were caught in this 2 day tournament a new tournament record. Check it out as

And don't worry if you haven't fished a tournament...My friends from Nebraska came in 2nd Place and it was only the 2nd time they ever did this!!! Of course they say it was because of all th bass fishingthey do.  Probably the most enjoyable event we do.  2006 Tourney is scheduled for March 17-19.


Costa Rica Classic Press Release

Costa Rica’s Classic 2005 Results

Quepos, March 20, 2005 -The tournament Costa Rica Classic 2005, held the 19-20th March, in Quepos was more than a charity event it brought fun and lots of hooks.

The Champions

First place
Marsha Bennett, from Gran Escape, Quepos
Patricio Minardi
The captain of the boat was Mainor Oporta Downs, from Quepos
Boat: Magic Moon

“It was fun, we had lots of fun?, said Marsha Bennett. “I do it for the kids? (with CF).

Second place
Todd Calfee
David May
Doug Tegtmeier
Dick Tegtmeier
This team comes from Nebraska
Boat: Swordfish

“Being on the second place coming from Nebraska is extremely exciting, unbelievable! We came here to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis, compete with all this people from all over the US, being in the middle of the States and getting the Second place make us feel pretty special, stated Todd Calfee. He participated on the CR Classic 2004, “I used to go around home where I catches fishes of 5 ounces not this size?, he added.

Third Place
Danny Derringer
Richard Lebo
Boat: Spanish Fly, de los Sueños

The best anglers

There was a tie for the biggest table fish:

2 winners:
1) Jay Coughlin-36 pound Cubera,
2) Charlie Max, 36 pound dorado.

Sailfish raffle: 2 winners:
1) Don Bailey
2) Sam Merkin

All winners got a trophy.

98 sailfish caught Saturday, 164 sailfish caught Sunday for a total of 262
sailfish caught during the tournament. On Sunday 5 boats caught more than
20 sailfish each.

The tournament in figures

Number of participants: 76
Number of boats: 18
Total number of sailfish caught and released during the whole tournament: 262

The Rules

Circle hooks
Live bait
Anyone can hook
The real winners

Anglers and amateurs

The participants came from New York, California, Miami, Wisconsin, Florida, Nebraska, and even from Italy. Some of them are experienced angles, others are amateurs with little or no experience at all.

This is the second time Mark Cooper, former Denver Bronco, Super Bowl XXI, celebrity angler, participates on the CR Classic. “This year we brought a lot of people to participate, I don´t think we came with other expectation than having lots of fun, for a great cause, and if we caught fish that will be a bonus?.

Courtney Davis, an experienced angler for 25 years, who goes fishing “as often as I can?, as he declared, comes form Pensylvannia, and is participating “to support cystic fibrosis and to help the patients here?.

“Catching nothing but a buzz? was the slogan printed on the T-shirts of the Jackass Team. This is the second time that Sean Keating from New York -one of the members of the team- participates on the tournament “to support the Boomers Esiason Foundation and to have fun with everybody?, as declared this amateur angler.

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Empire Challenge -June 30, 2005

Website: Empire Challenge
New York City vs Long Island HS All-Star FB Game

June 30, 2005
Hofstra University's Shuart Stadium
7:30 PM Kick-off

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Dave Rimington Show 4-23-2005

Show Notes:

Well there really isn't any....but...

Here is how the show shakes down.

Dave intro-

Why Podcasting?

Nebraska Football- Joe Dailey Departure

Boomer Esiason Foundation

Rimington Ramblings- Utter Nonsense

Podcast Voiceovers

Featured Websites

Boomer Esiason Foundation
Costa Rica Classic - March 19-20th, 2005
Nebraska Golf Classic- June 2-3
Key West Classic-April 27- Billfish Tournament - July 3, 2005 LI vs NYC High School All-Star FB Game
Dave Rimington Football Camp July 12-13, 2005
Live - Radio Conference , April 29-May 1- San Francisco, CA
Chris Davies- - Frees Voice Over Service**

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Booming Celebration- March 12, 2005

Website: Booming Celebration

In March the Boomer Esiason Foundation held it annual Booming Celebration Fundraiser. Over 2.8 million dollars was raised that night to fight cystic fibrosis. A cause that is very dear to me. Although the 2005 Video is not yet complete I wanted to share with the audio portion of Booming Celebrations past.
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